Who we are ?

Airbaglightoff is a company concentrating on solving customers seat sensor issues. We offer cost effective solutions to solve problems with airbag systems in a cars caused by malfunctioned  Airbag Seat Occupancy Sensors.

Most often when your airbag( srs) warning light comes on in your car, it will be a Passenger Occupancy/occupied Seat Sensor /Child recognition seat sensor failure

What is a Passenger Seat Occupancy Sensor ?

Passenger seat occupancy sensor is in addition to the clock springs the most unreliable element of airbag system.

These sensors are designed as mats placed inside seat cushion to detect presence of passenger on the seat.
Seat  sensors are exposed to several mechanical damages such as
child car seat with sharp edges ,spilled liquids, dropping shopping bags(cans, bottles) and
car valet machines.

After several years of intensive use these mats just burst. In order to find and eliminated seat SRS fault, instead of the damaged passenger airbag  sensor at fraction of the cost   you can install our emulator.
Then airbag modul can "see" the corect , not faulty passenger occupancy seat sensor.

Why buy from us ?

Over the past several years we have selected parts suppliers who offer componets made to meet our high quality requirements, starting from wires right through to the processors and software we use.

When it comes to devices that potentially save your life there is no room for poor quality solutions.

For hassle free installation most of our products are equiped with original connectors - you just plug &play .
This will save you time and money on installation. To view all of our selection and the product details, see our websites or contact us for further information.

All of our emulators are programmed to send a "seat occupied" signal to the airbag module which means that with or without a passanger on the seat your airbag will deploy.

Our products  are also perfect if you’re using aftermarket racing seats such as (Recaro, Sparco and Konig) which don’t have  occupancy seat sensors.  

We have a full no-quibble money back guarantee on the cost of our products for all customers that wish to return our seat sensors for any reason.
In the rare case of a wrong diagnosis all you need to do is unplug our device and we will accept the return and repay your money (excl. postage), no quibble -guaranteed.

Currently we offer these simulators for most European and Amercian version's of vehicles.
To meet the market needs constatly  we working  on new simulators.

Our recent succesful projects are :
Chevrolet Aveo ( usa ),Suzuki Forenza (usa), Mini - all models (usa),Opel (europe), Jaguar (europe) Hyundai Sonata (usa),Cherolet Optra (europe)

For Your Safety DO NOT purchase this type's of sensors which are potentially Lifesaver's
from an unproven source,or devices produced- sells by individuals,
who are NOT qualified to do so and have no Knowledge about Airbag Systems in vehicles  as this endangers You and or Your passengers. !!

Your Safety Is Our Priority!

   Airbaglightoff Team